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Custom Cabin Design

Turn to us to ensure you have the best in custom cabin design. We are experiencing in providing small cabin floor plans that are well-suited to your expectations. We also offer Cottage and Bungalow designs, see below. 

Unique Creations

An old quote says, “Your home is your castle.” While our homes may not be literal castles anymore, the phrase still implies a feeling of security and identity we want at home. Our living space is truly ours — and it is at its most comfortable when it reflects our interests and speaks to who we are as people.


For this reason, our team here at Doyle Enterprises Custom Home Design in Van Buren, AR

is committed to excellent custom cabin design. We excel at designing small cabins and homes that exceed the expectations of our clients-- both in function and style. By taking your considerations into account, we ensure both a unique structure and a completely satisfying customer experience. Contact us to learn more about our custom design options.

Quality Designs

With years of experience and the vast knowledge that comes from it, we can be trusted to deliver a home or cabin design that will stand the test of time. We conduct our business on the principles of truth, integrity, and a strong work ethic, all of which is reflected in our cabin plans and more. Using our trademark blend of logic and creativity, we make sure to satisfy each and every client.

Weekend Custom Cabin Design in Van Buren, AR

Weekend Cabin

Lakefront Custom Cabin Design in Van Buren, AR

Lake Cabin

Lodge Custom Cabin Design in Van Buren, AR

Lodge Style Cabin

Craftsman Custom Cabin Design in Van Buren, AR

Craftsman Cottage

Small Craftsman,

Pie-shaped Lot

Craftsman Bungalow,

before rendering

Narrow Lot

Craftsman Bungalow,

before rendering